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Penny Hydraulics Ltd was founded in 1978 by a mining engineer, John Penny. The company offered nationwide hydraulic garage equipment and mining equipment repairs. As Japanese imports started to become more common and the mining industry started to decline, the company diversified into new markets, primarily lifting equipment We are a global leader in moisture protection for over 20 years and we are represented in more than 50 countries. In our Swedish operation we have our own in-house development equipment, unique in the world and engineered to the highest standards. The production technologies ensure an excellent product quality and consistency. We use high purity materials which leads to high performance products with super absorption rates. Within our Research & Development facility, we have state-of-the-art testing facilities focusing on the next generation high-end, sustainable desiccants.

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Active Supply & Design (CDM) Ltd

In 1998, with the UK self storage market in its infancy, Active Supply & Design diversified its core business and began to manufacture their own partitioning systems, which opened up a whole new opportunity for the combined expertise of the Active workforce.

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Aquadry UK

We are the UK's leading supplier of anhydrous calcium chloride desiccant poles to the storage and shipping industries. Our Aquadry Pole, designed for the prevention of condensation and moisture in storage and shipping containers, was developed by an adsorption specialist and chartered chemist with over 20 years experience in the desiccant industry. Having compared and analysed other container desiccants on the market, it was designed as a completely sealed unit with absorption vents on three sides and using the all important 100% anhydrous calcium chloride. It was then laboratory tested, patented and brought to worldwide market, fully REACH registered and CLP compliant.

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Basil Fry & Company – Self Storage Risk Solutions

We provide bespoke, innovative risk and insurance solutions, supported by leading ‘A’ rated insurers. From seasoned operators, to new start ups – Basil Fry & Company have the experience to find the optimum solution for your business.

Insurance Broking
We offer a unique, competitively priced, warranty free product, designed specifically for the self storage industry, protecting your:-

  • Customers’ Goods
  • Asset & Revenue Protection
  • Legal Liabilities
  • Money
Claims Management
We have in-house specialist teams, who will work in collaboration with you to ensure a prompt and fair settlement is always achieved. We have authority to manage and settle customers’ goods claims. Our team of adjusters have over 120 years of combined experience. For all other claims your dedicated claims handler will guide you through the process from notification to resolution.

Insurance Revenue Optimisation
We provide advice on how to: maximise insurance extension acceptance; charge your customers for insurance; ensure accurate valuations are provided; effectively promote the benefits of your insurance protection; and maintain compliance with regulations.

Risk Management Advice
Our specialist advisers utilise over 75 years of combined experience to help you minimise exposure to risk and manage your claims experience. We can provide training at your premises and also work with Insurers’ risk management teams.

With our recognised expertise and friendly service, we are perfectly placed to provide unrivalled protection for your business.

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BearBox International Ltd

BearBox is an access control system with unparalleled features, bringing together unit monitoring, CCTV and a huge range of possible access credentials - all in one cloud-based platform.

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BOS GmbH Best of Steel

Quick-build steel containers for the self storage industry – for your business!

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CBRE Limited

Enviably connected, with on the ground intelligence to unlock unseen potential.

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Chateau Products Inc

Since 1991, Chateau has offered the self-storage industry high quality padlocks, latches and latch systems, with value pricing and the highest regard for customer service. We design and manufacture our security hardware to meet the ever-growing demands of the self-storage industry exclusively.

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DeSeM Lifts Ltd

De/S/eM are a preferred & dedicated supplier to the Self-Storage Association industries, with our range of high quality "goods passenger" lifts and "Goods only" reliable lifting machines. We have 25 years of design & supply to the Self Storage sites throughout the UK, Isles and the Continent with special attention being paid to the Storers requirements. We have recently introduced a special "Accompanied Goods" as a newly legislated modified "Goods only" Machinery directive

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DMG Packaging
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