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About Sogeco International SA
Founded in 1987 as a consulting firm in Intermodal industry, over the years Sogeco progressively expanded its scope of action eventually becoming, as Sogeco International, a key reference in leasing and sales of containers in Europe and beyond.

Thanks to an organization able to offer trading, leasing, transport and modification on containers in the main logistical European and worldwide centres, Sogeco has today a position of absolute relevance in the industry.

The large variety of available units, the skill in running out personalized solutions and the competence in providing a global service at very interesting prices, make Sogeco International the ideal partner for those who intend to buy or lease a container for industrial, civil, military or humanitarian utilization.

In 2015 Sogeco has developed and launched its new self storage container with the support of industry experts and we are now ready to fulfil the specific needs of the self storage industry.