United Kingdom

The Self Storage Association (SSA UK) is the principal trade association representing both self storage operators and industry supplier members’ interests in the UK.

The mission of the SSA UK is to:

  • Set the standard for the industry.
  • Promote the self storage industry in the UK.
  • Provide industry specific research.
  • Provide a lobbying forum to promote industry interests with statutory bodies.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and debate between members through a network of events including the annual conference, and regional meetings.
  • Raise awareness of the benefits of self storage and promote best practice within the industry.

Industry info:

  • Number of FEDESSA member facilities: 783 
  • Estimated Number of total market facilities: 1505
  • Total current rentable sqm: 4,460,000  
  • Floor space per capita: 0.067

For further information on the SSA UK or if you are interested in becoming a member, please  contact us we would be happy to help.

Contact details:

Contact Person: Rennie Schafer

The Gullet

Tel:  +44 1270 623150
Fax: +44 1270 623471
email: admin@ssauk.com
website: www.ssauk.com