Below are links to the slides from presentations at the 2018 FEDESSA conference in Paris.

Note that some speakers asked for their slides not to be shared so they are not listed below.  However you can view videos of all the presentations at - https://www.bethereglobal.com/s/storage-2018   You will need to login to this site with the email you used to register for the conference.


We hope to see you in London next year,  October 1 & 2


Graeme Leach - What Next for the European Economy?

Tim Dietz - Operating in a Regulated Market: Experiences from the USA

Nathalie Nahai - The Psychology of Websites and Online Sales

Luigi La Tona - It’s not all Rainbows & Roses. Challenges Facing the Industry

Emma Chesterton-Kay - Developing New Self Storage Sites

Bill Hobin - Self Storage for the Next Generation

Christel Land - Your Self Storage Brand

Nick Meinertzhagen - The Self Storage Customer Experience

Göran Skugge - PriceGain - Pricing Strategies for Self Storage